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New and Used Astro-Modified Cameras For Sale:

Want to simply purchase a camera that has been converted specifically for Astrophotography? We carry in stock many new and used cameras ready to be modified to your specifications. Also, we carry some of the more popular models that have already been converted and are ready to ship quickly. All new cameras carry a 12 month warranty on the entire camera. Used cameras carry a 6 month warranty. We only sell used camera that have less than 10k shutter actuations.

Astro-Modified Cameras For Sale:

Canon Fuji Nikon Olympus Panasonic Pentax Sony

After you have finished the checkout process for your order you will receive two order confirmation emails. The first confirmation message is automatically and immediately generated and will contain the specifics of your order; the second message will be sent after we have reveiwed your order and will contain specific requirements and shipping instrucitons for your specific order. In most cases all we will need from you is the camera and a fully charged battery. The second order confirmation email will follow upon verification of your order information. Please feel free to email any questions or comments prior to ordering any of our products and services. (Order an Astro-Conversion for your own camera here)

If you do not wish to order your conversion using our web page here are a few other options. You may email your order specifications (i.e. Camera model, IR filter selection, etc..) and we will prepare a specific PayPal or Google Checkout invoice for payment. Please specify which payment service you prefer. Or you may ship your camera directly, including a money order or other certified funds in the package, to the shipping address listed below. Please contact us prior to shipping your camera for clarification of which conversion you are ordering and the total cost of your specific conversion order. Also, please ask any questions you may have concerning your order prior to shipping your camera. We are happy to assist in any way possible.

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