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How to Order Your Astro-Conversion or Astro-Camera

Options for ordering your Astro Modification or Astro Modified Camera

Astrophotography Conversion Ordering Options: A lot of our customers send their own digital camera to us for their conversion. Ordering a conversion can be completed on our Astro Conversions page. New Astroconverted Cameras are available for purchase through our online store here and browse the available cameras for sale. (Please contact us for additional information regarding specific models and available options.)

Astro-Conversion Orders: Once you have placed a conversion order using our website you will receive an automatically geneated confirmation email for your review. Please review this information for accuracy and notify us of any changes or corrections that need to be made. After a member of our staff has personally reviewed your order you will receive an additional instructional email with specific instructions pertaining to your order including shipping instruciton for sending your camera to our facility. Our current turnaround for the conversion is 3-4 business days.

Astro-Camera Orders: For Astro Camera orders you will immediately receive an automatically generated email for your review. Please review this information for accuracy and notify us of any changes or corrections that need to be made. After our staff has personally reviewed your order you will receive an additional email listing the details of your order including the actual shipping timeline. Most Astro Camera orders are shipped within 3-4 business days.

Please contact us by email at: with any questions you may have including whether or not we can convert a camera model not listed on our site.

Image captured using a Sony A580 Astro-Modified Full
Spectrum Camera with Heat Reduction System installed.

**** Canon & Nikon SLR users: The Dust Reduction System of your camera will be removed during the conversion process rendering it unusable. Please be sure to disable this function within the settings of your camera. Failure to do so may result in a temporary camera error. If your camera displays a Dust Reduction System error you can disable the function within the camera menu. ****

Our goal at Spencer's Camera is to provide fast and reliable conversion and repair service at a reasonable cost. We have many repeat customers including NASA, US Naval Research Laboratory, US Department of Homeland Security, many School Districts, Universities (Including MIT and Harvard), Police Departments, Camera Stores, Professional Photographers, Videographers, Artists, Medical Professionals and many serious amateur photographers. Please click on our Preferred Professionals link for a list of trusted professionals in our area.



Wow, working with you is just like working with my crew space support group at NASA.  I love working with can-do people.   Thanks for the follow up info here.  It all looks good to me and I know we will put together the best camera produced.  It is a pleasure to work with such dedicated people.  Let me know if you have any issues/questions in dealing with NASA.

Again, it is a pleasure to be working with you.

Don Pettit (PH.D.)– NASA Astronaut
ISS Expedition 6 Crew Member; Space Shuttle STS-126 Crew Member; ISS Expedition 30 Crew member.

International Space Station Astronaut Don Pettit works with two still cameras mounted together, one of which is an infrared modified still camera, modified by Spencer's Camera & Photo of Alpine, Utah. Photo credit: NASA

Dear Clarence,

I got a standard Sony NEX-5 camera and found it’s a single shot colour images quite good. However I was not satisfied with the red colour spectrum in the deep space images and decided to get a conversion done.
It was a pleasure to deal with Spencer’s Camera and my new kit arrived quickly. What a difference it made! The colours are rich and there is less visible noise.
Thanks for the high quality service!

Alex Cherney
Amateur astronomer and photographer

Image Copyrighted - Alex Cherney 2011

Spencer’s Camera,

I must admit, I was a little skeptical to use your company for the first time for my astroconversion but the quality workmanship has proven to be worth it.  We finally had clear skies for the past week and the conversion has proven to be wonderful.  All my images are clear of dust and the digital noise is noticeably lower than my earlier camera.  I am confident in shooting very long exposures knowing the results will be great.  Astrophotography is a uniquely difficult hobby and having good equipment makes all the difference.  There is nothing more frustrating than equipment limitations especially poor camera quality.  The time and effort you have invested in developing your astroconversion is well worth the results.

Thanks again for the quality work!
Stephen Sykes


I have been shooting my new IR Canon 7D camera for a month that I purchased from you. Everything is just wonderful. I love shooting IR with the ease of no lens filters and no long exposures. The images are crisp and sharp with very nice contrast. Thank you very much for the good job and fast delivery.

Best Regards,
Rikio Tamashiro
Kyoto, Japan

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