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Damaged Camera Due to a Poor Conversion Job?

Conversion Correction/Repair Service:

Did you have a bad experience with one of our competitors? Did someone attempt to convert your camera and now it doesn't perform well? Did you send your camera to someone to have it modified and now it does not work? We can help with your problem.

Some conversion service providers use poor quality materials, don't understand the risks of disassembling electronic equipment, use incorrect methods to calibrate the camera during the conversion process, and sometimes have been know to return cameras in a non-functioning condition. We hear about this type of problem/experience frequently. We're here to help correct your bad experience. Our facility and experienced electronics technicians can return your camera to perfect work condition usually at a minimum or discounted cost. We want you as our customer and will complete any conversion correction service at a discounted rate. Simply contact us at and describe what happened. We will provide a free estimate to correct or repair the problem.

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