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AA Filter Removal Service?

"AA Filter Removal" explained and what are the benefits:

What is an AA or "Antialiasing" Filter? It's an optical filter intentionally placed in front of the imaging sensor in order to create a slight blurring effect. Without this blurring effect there can be a resultant phenomenon called "Moire" when shooting JPG files (due to the JPG compression process). By installing the AA filter the camera designers introduced a slight blurring which reduces the possibility of this unwanted moiring effect. But, by introducing the slight blurring the result is a camera sensor that is not as "sharp"; in effect, reducing the apparent resolution of the images. In simple terms, your camera isn't as sharp as it could be when an AA filter is installed.

Why remove the AA filter? In short, you'll have sharper images after the filter has been removed. That's why the major camera manufactures have introduced models like the Canon 5DSR, Nikon D800e, and others. These cameras do not have an AA filter installed and produce superior images. They also cost more money than a camera that has an AA filter because of the better results. You can have better and sharper images without buying a new camera. Spencer's Camera can remove the AA filter from your favorite camera at a much lower cost than buying a new model and with all the benefits of a newer camera that does not have an AA filter. An AA Filter Removal service is not an Infrared Conversion; it's a modification meant to improve "normal" photography.

Replica US $1000 Bill.

The detailed examples shown are of a replica US $1000 bill captured using two identical camera models (Canon EOS 5D Mark II). One has never been modified, the other has had the AA filter removed.

Detail: Unmodified Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Detail: AA Filter Removed Canon EOS 5D Mark II

As with any camera modification, having the AA filter removed is for serious photographers that are looking for a way to up their game by producing the best possible image quality. If you're a serious photographer and demand achieving the best possible photography results you will want to seriously consider the AA Filter Removal option. As with all forms of photography it is best to shoot RAW files, especially after having the AA filter removed. RAW files are much less likely to show any moire effects and will help produce the highest quality images with the most color variations and sharpness possible. Besides, as any experienced photographer knows, RAW is best!

You can order the AA Filter Removal service the same way you order an IR Conversion or Astro Conversion. The "AA Filter Removal" option is listed as a filter choice for all conversion types on all conversion ordering pages and for all IR Cameras and Astro Cameras as an Internal Filter Option. Also, you can add the AA removal service to any converison or camera order here: AA Filter Removal Ordering Page.

**** Canon & Nikon SLR users: The Dust Reduction System of some camera models will be removed during the AA Filter Removal and/or conversion process but can be re-installed at an additional charge. If you shoose not to have it re-installed please be sure to disable this function within the settings of your camera. Failure to do so may result in a temporary camera error. If your camera displays a Dust Reduction System error you can still disable the function within the camera menu. ****

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