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Astrophotography Cameras vs. UnModified (Normal) Cameras

Astro vs. Normal: For the most part digital SLR cameras are designed mainly for daytime or shorter exposure imaging. The long exposures and sometimes extreme cold winter conditions required for the best nightscape and astrophotography will stress even the best cameras on the market today. At Spencer's Camera & Photo we have tested all major digital SLR models and found their "weaknesses", (no camera is perfect) allowing us to modify and improve these cameras for the best performance under the stresses of very cold temperatures and super long exposures. In short, an Astro Converted camera is not the same as the usual IR or Full Spectrum converted camera; it's better!

Images of the Milky Way, Nebulae, Galaxies, Star Clusters and other deep sky objects are sharper, more visible and more brilliant when using an astro-converted camera. We calibrate your camera for precise focus at all focal lengths with special attention to infinity focus. Also, we can install our specially designed Heat Transfer System in your digital camera, drawing heat from the imaging sensor which reduces digital noise effects due to long exposures. We can install the heat reduction system in an unconverted camera as well. If you shoot long exposures and would like less digital noise in your images please contact us for more details. (Order an Astro-Conversion here)

Over a years time we had the honor and privilege to work closely with NASA and Astronaut Don Pettit custom converting and modifying two Nikon digital SLR's for use on the international space station (ISS). During this prolonged testing and modification process we developed many improvements for digital SLR imaging specifically for astrophotography and survival of extreme environments including space flight. Many of the developed improvements are used in our Astro Cameras and standard Astro-Conversion services. (More Information - NASA Conversions)

Direct Comparison Images - Normal vs. Astro-Converted

Normal - Unconverted Canon EOS 70D
(No Heat Reduction System Installed)
30 Second Exposure, ISO 1600, F:4.5
Canon EF-S 10-22mm
Straight From Camera, No Post Processing!

Astro-Converted/Full Spectrum Canon EOS 70D
(Heat Reduction System Installed)
30 Second Exposure, ISO 1600, F:4.5
Canon EF-S 10-22mm
Straight From Camera, No Post Processing!

Astrophotography Conversions: All Astro-Conversions performed by Spencer's Camera & Photo include modifications and improvements specific to each camera model. These improvements have been developed after many hours of testing with each camera model in the field and in the controlled environment of our conversion lab. Some of the modifications and improvements made during an Astro-Conversion include increased static control, dampening of many moving parts and added light absorbing material for control of unwanted reflective light. Also, you have the added option of our imaging sensor heat reduction system that can be installed in most camera models. (More Information on our Heat Reduction System Page - Heat Reduction System)

Our custom heat reduction system was developed well before performing the astroconversion for NASA but was significantly improved during the NASA conversion testing phases. None of the improvements mentioned above will negatively affect the performance or power usage of the camera in any way. After the conversion has been completed your camera will look just like a normal camera but with improved performance including lower digital noise due to longer exposures. (An Astro Converted camera is not the same as our full spectrum converted camera; it's better!.) Most of these improvements were developed while converting and testing two Nikon digital SLR's for NASA to be used on the international space station (ISS). The astro-conversions performed for NASA had to survive launch to ISS and perform flawlessly while on orbit for many hundreds of thousands of exposures.

(Attention Canon Shooters! Some canon full frame models can show a light leak when capturing High ISO Long Exposure images. This is easily remedied by switching off Liveview before capturing the image.)

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