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Scratched Sensor?

Low Pass Filter Replacement Service

Scratched or damaged imaging sensor? Almost all digital cameras have a "Low Pass Filter" or "Hot-Mirror Filter" installed in front of the imaging sensor (The primary imaging sensor in a digital camera is the image capturing devise that "sees" or "captures" the image). The "Low Pass" filter has more than one purpose. First, it blocks unwanted Ultraviolet (UV) and Infrared (IR) light from reaching the imaging sensor, allowing the camera to render normal images of only what the human eye can see. Secondly, the Low Pass filter protects the imaging sensor from damage caused by foreign material contamination or improper cleaning methods of the end user. If your imaging sensor filter has been scratched or damaged you will notice imperfections on the resulting images. Removing these imperfections during post processing (using Photoshop, Aperture, etc...) can be very annoying especially when editing large numbers of images.

Spencer's Camera & Photo can replace the original Low Pass filter, with an OEM manufacturer provided filter, returning the image quality of your camera back to perfect working order. Most camera manufacturers do not provide the LP filters separately from the imaging sensor, making a normal repair very expensive. For example, the primary imaging sensor (including the Low Pass Filter) for the Nikon D3s, purchased from Nikon is priced at $1,678.00 for the sensor alone. We carry the original OEM filters and will install it for much less, $400.00 including installation and calibration services. This is a savings of more than $1278.00 when you consider the addition of installation charges from the manufacturer to install the new sensor.

To start the Low Pass Filter replacement process or for more information please visit our LP Filter Replacement page.

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