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IRIX Light Pollution Filters (On-Lens)

IRIX Light Pollution Filters (On-Lens)

The Irix EDGE Light Pollution (SE) Filters

are now on sale!

Irix Edge Super Endurance (SE) series

The Irix Edge Light Pollution is the first filter of the Super Endurance (SE) series. The optical glass has been subjected to a special thermal treatment to increase durability; in addition, both surfaces of the filter have been covered by coatings that further increase the overall strength of the entire filter surface.

Control the colors at night:

The yellow dominant that can be seen in the picture during the night is caused by the use of sodium lamps for urban streetlighting.

The Irix Edge Light Pollution filter removes the yellowish haze emitted by sodium lamps.

This type of filter can be successfully used in the city, in the urban landscape, or the photography of the night sky when we want to capture the stars, or the Milky Way, with natural colors.

Available sizes including: 72mm, 77mm, 82mm, 95mm. (Coming Soon: 67mm)  Step-up rings are also available for use on virtually any size lens.  These step-up rings will allow the use of a larger filter on a smaller lens ring, enabling use of the same filter on multiple lenses.


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