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Canon SLR (Pro Models) - Astro Conversions

Canon SLR (Pro Models) - Astro Conversions Canon SLR (Pro Models) - Astro Conversions

An Astro-Conversion is not the same as a normal IR conversion. All Astro-Conversions performed by Spencer's Camera & Photo include modifications and improvements specific to each camera model. These improvements have been developed after many hours of testing with each camera model in the field and the controlled environment of our conversion shop. Some of the modifications and improvements made during an Astro-Conversion include increased static control, dampening of many moving parts and added light absorbing material for control of unwanted reflective light. Also, you have the added option of our imaging sensor heat reduction system that can be installed in most camera models. (More Information on our Heat Reduction System Page - Heat Reduction System) Our heat reduction system was developed well before performing the astroconversion for NASA but was significantly improved during the NASA conversion testing phases. None of the improvements mentioned above will negatively affect the performance or power usage of the camera in any way.

Which camera is best for Astrophotography or Nightscape Photography? Here's are recommended cameras page: Recommended Nightscape and Astrophotography Cameras.
NEW!!! We now offer installation of a Light Pollution filter as an internal filter option, as well as an on-lens option.  This filter has many benefits, including more accurate colors, improved contrast, and improved overall sharpness and clarity, even in none light polluted areas. These benefits are even more obvious in light polluted environments. More Information found here: Light Pollution Filters.
The internal sensor dust reduction/cleaning system of the camera is normally removed during the conversions but can be reinstalled.  This option can be selected within the filter options selections below. If your model has the built-in dust reduction system we can reinstall it during the conversion process.
(Our Visible + H-Alpha filter option is similar to the filter used in the Canon EOS 60Da but provides even higher sensitivity to the H-Alpha spectrum.)
More info about our AA filter removal service: AA Filter Removal Service. The AA filter removal service can be added to any converiosn or camera order here: AA Filter Removal Service Ordering Page.
We are able to convert virtually any Canon SLR camera model.  If your model is not listed below please email ( to see if we can perform the conversion.  Also, here's our recommended camera list for astrophotography cameras: Recommended Astro-Photography Cameras.
**Rush Service = Additional charge provides priority “First In Line” completion of services and Express return shipping via USPS, UPS or FedEx.

After placing your order we will confirm all information and send a confirmation email with shipping instructions and any other requests that are necessary.

***Attention Canon EOS 5D Mark III customers: Canon USA has acknowledged a minor issue regarding a light leak with this model.  We will test, confirm and, if needed, correct any problems regarding the common light leak issue referrenced by Canon USA at no additional charge.***

(Attention Canon Shooters! Some Canon full frame models can show a light leak when capturing High ISO Long Exposure images. This is easily remedied by switching off Liveview before capturing the image.)

Full Spectrum Conversion?  You may be interested in our new On-Lens IR filters that will give you the flexibility of any conversion type all in one camera.  On-Lens IR filters.


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