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Canon EOS M5 - Lens Kit (New)

Canon EOS M5 - Lens Kit (New) Canon EOS M5 - Lens Kit (New)

Included accessories (Kit): Standard Accessories (Strap, Battery, Charger, Manuals, Software, etc...) including Canon EF-M 15-45mm IS STM lens.   (The internal dust reduction system of the camera is removed during the conversion process.)

NEW!!! The internal sensor dust reduction/cleaning system of the camera is normally removed during the conversions but can be reinstalled.  This option can be selected within the filter options selections below.

More concerning our Sensor Heat Transfer System can be found on our Heat Reduction System Page.

More info about our AA filter removal service: AA Filter Removal Service. The AA filter removal service can be added to any conversion or camera order here: AA Filter Removal Service Ordering Page.

Full Spectrum Conversion?  You may be interested in our new On-Lens IR filters that will give you the flexibility of any conversion type all in one camera.  On-Lens IR filters.




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