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Sensor & Filter Cleaning Solution

Sensor & Filter Cleaning Solution Sensor & Filter Cleaning Solution

Finally, a cleaning solution that is safe to use on all camera low-Pas filters, IR filters and Astro-conversion filters. This sensor and filter cleaning solution is safe to use on all original OEM internal camera low pass filters and all IR and Astro-Conversion Filters.  This solution is specially manufactured and tested for use on camera sensors and filters.  It is a scientifically formulated cleaning agent specifically for optics, lenses, mirrors and optical and photographic instruments.

It is always best to never touch the internal filter or sensor in your camera but, sometimes removing stubborn contaminants requires the use of a liquid solution. First, gently blow off as much contaminant as possible using soft puffs of air before using any liquid solution.  Only use swabs or wipes that are specific for camera sensor cleaning.

Each bottle contains .5 fl. oz. of cleaning solution.

WARNING: Contains Isopropyl Alcohol and 2-Butoxyethanol.  Breathing of vapors may cause irritation.  Do Not inhale, drink or consume in any way.



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